As I sit here watching modern family, eating the last 4 mini Reese’s peanut butter cups from an 8 oz. bag that I received for Easter I feel like crap.  But that is the end of it, all of the Easter candy is gone.  I should’ve thrown it away but I felt like that would be almost criminal.  Reese’s peanut butter cups are my favorite candy and I couldn’t bring myself to chuck them.  I know this post isn’t related to my food crawl but I was thinking today that I want to post daily about things that matter to me.  To have a space to share about my daily experiences, thoughts and feelings is what I want this blog to be.  I was going to change the title but I couldn’t think of a clever name.  I am up for suggestions if anyone can think of one.  I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.  Sleep well and be kind to one another…


3 thoughts on “I hate Easter candy

  1. Pretty is also a Reese’s peanut butter fan, but I haven’t caught that craving. She’s also always happy when the last one is gone.
    A daily post is ambitious – maybe save for special circumstances?
    Most really good bloggers I follow do one weekly – usually the same day of the week – and typically on a Friday or Saturday when the traffic is higher. Depends on your traffic.
    I don’t follow that advice, but I wish I had from the beginning. You can start with really good habits –
    Figure out which blog titles you really like, and maybe that will strike your creative name ideas! Go for it…with gusto.

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  2. Ha! I was just about to tell you about my love of peanut butter cups but I see Sheila beat me too it. I especially like the holiday ones cause I know they will be new and fresh. I also just finished my Easter bag tonight. I was so mad at myself the other night for stuffing myself with them that I told Sheila if she ever wrote a biography about me to call it “Too Many Fritos, Too Many Reese’s” since I am always saying I ate too many of both.


  3. My weakness is Devil Dogs. They sell them in the South now and I think I enjoyed them more when my mother shipped them to me from NY.


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