I just watched the most moving documentary called “The Plastic Ocean” on Netflix.  It was about the amount of plastic pollution that is found in the ocean, which is then ingested by wildlife and then ultimately eaten by human beings.  The majority of the world does not recycle their plastic items and they end up in landfills doomed to never ever break down.  Donna & I recycle all of our plastic but that being said this movie still challenged me to do better.  At the check out I take plastic bags and then use them as garbage bags in the house.  The ones we don’t use we bring to a local antique mall and donate them to be reused for their customers.  We also buy 24 packs of bottled water being that I don’t trust our tap water with all of the boil water advisories.  These are the 2 biggest offenders, water bottles & plastic bags.  After watching this I immediately gathered up all of our plastic grocery bags and brought them to that antique mall.  Then I proceeded to Bi Lo to purchase 5 “reusable” grocery bags so I can use my own.  They were only $1 a piece if anyone is interested.  What about the water bottle situation?  I bring water to work with me so I need a container to carry it in.  Ah ha!!!  To cut down on our plastic consumption we can buy a 2 1/2 gallon bottle of water and I will just refill 2 bottles daily to bring to work!  It won’t be as convenient but well worth it to help keep our planet, wildlife and ourselves protected from the toxins caused by plastic.  During the documentary they opened up the stomachs of dead birds and their bellies were full of plastic!  Sea turtles mistake plastic bags floating under water for jelly fish so they eat them.  Then their stomachs fill up with the plastic and they can’t eat anything else and they die of starvation.  Donna once showed me a video of a team of rescue workers removing a plastic straw from a sea turtles nostril and it made me cringe from the pain this poor creature was suffering.  Watching that video was Donna’s turning point and this documentary was mine.  We only have one planet and if we all do our own part imagine what a healthier place it could be.  Happy Friday to you all and have a great weekend!  P.S.  Recycle 🙂




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