Selfie at the bottom steps of the State House

So, last night we watched a great documentary on Netflix called “Losing Sight Of Shore”.  It is about a crew of 4 women who row across the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia, unsupported.  They row a total of 8,000 miles over 9 months.  It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it.  After watching this I was super pumped so today I decided to go for a run.    It was kind of hot out, mid 90’s, so I ran as much as I could and walked in between. With a bottle of water in each hand serving as weights, as well as hydration, I trucked it all the way to the State House.  There was some kind of school trip going on and the steps were covered in kids so there was no up and down for me this time.  I wonder if anyone saw me today?  No beeps or cheers as a ran, but maybe I just missed it due to Van Halen & Robert Palmer belting out tunes in my ear.  Oh well…  Here are some of the cool things that I have seen when I run from my home in Cayce down to the State House.  Enjoy!


Sheraton Downtown on the corner of Main & Washington

And to finish off, here are a couple of pictures taken at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church that Donna and I stopped at earlier this morning.  Since we’ve lived here I have always admired this beautiful church and wanted to take a stroll through its cemetery so we did.


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