While at work today I heard my store manager page me over the loudspeaker.  When I asked her what she needed, she asked me if I would like to work a 1/2 day being they were cutting hours.  Without hesitation I said yes.  Immediately I think, where can Donna and I go for lunch?  If you haven’t been to Michael’s Café in downtown Columbia on Main Street you need to go.  It is located across the street from the fabulous Sweet Cream Co. artisan ice cream shop which by the way has the BEST ice cream!  I remembered I had recently read an article in Go Columbia titled “Food Crawl Pimento Cheese” and Michaels’s Café was mentioned in it.  So off to Michael’s Café we went.

Please pardon the crappy pictures of the half eaten sandwiches being I am new to this being a “food photographer” thing.  I’m lucky that I remembered to take a picture this time but unfortunately we were half way through when I did.  As I get better at blogging so will my photography, I promise.

We couldn’t have asked for a better destination for lunch today!  The atmosphere was delightful being we sat at a table indoors facing a large picture window which allowed us to watch the hustle and bustle of Main Street.  There are also several tables outside for “al fresco” dining as well.  Initially, I wanted pizza and caprese salad but pizza is only offered for dinner.  Donna chose The White Russian, which is a smoked turkey breast, swiss cheese and Applewood smoked bacon crumbles baked on a hoagie roll served with house made Russian sauce with a tomato and cucumber salad.  I opted for the B.Y.O. Grilled Pimento Cheese on rye with a caesar salad.  I love salad, I really do.  Every opportunity I have to eat it I do.  Both of the sandwiches were absolutely delicious, especially the roll that the turkey was on.  Crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, just as roll should always be.  Donna wished they were a little more generous with the Russian sauce, because it was that good but besides that everything was on point.  Highly recommend it.

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