Me serving Dad and Molly 🙂


Jenn’s diner was open for breakfast yesterday morning!  Dad and his Maltese Molly came over bright and early for a feast of bacon, eggs, blueberry waffles, blueberry muffins, cantaloupe and orange juice.  I even served dad his coffee in a Denny’s mug that Donna had bought me one Christmas (I have a thing for coffee mugs, what can I say).  After filling up on breakfast we sat out on the veranda, drank more coffee and watched the river go by.  Molly, being the ferocious little Maltese that she is, barked at every last dog that was strolling along the river walk.



After we finished eating Dad, Molly and I took a walk over to the Guignard Brick Works, which is a historic industrial site located right around the corner from where we live.  The brick structures are called “beehive kilns”.


I love that there is so much history, literally right in our own backyard and I was tickled that I could introduce dad to something he hadn’t already seen.  My heart is also happy for the fact that my dad lives only 10 minutes away and we can make memories like these.  Donna and I recently saw a dishtowel at the Cotton Mill Gift Exchange at the S.C. State Museum and what was printed on it says it all…  I wasn’t born in the south but I got here as quickly as I could. 😉

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