I was off today but not sleeping in folks.  For you see, me and my big sis were going to Café Strudel over on State Street in West Columbia for breakfast.  We have really been slacking on our food crawl adventures of late, so we decided to make a date to go eat.  I have heard that on Sunday you need to get to Café Strudel early due to the long line to get in.  I heard right folks…

The food must be really good if the line is this long!

We got seated right away and were greeted by our waitress Nikki, who was bubbly & excited to let us know of the brunch special of the day.  And was it special!  Eggs benedict.  But not your average Eggs Benedict, not at all.  This was a symphony of flavors I have never eaten all at once.  The base of this masterpiece was an English muffin.  You are probably saying to yourselves, “That doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary?”   Just wait.  On top of the English muffin was a fried green tomato, a poached egg, shrimp, and pimento cheese sauce.  We also got a side of local stone ground yellow “Adluh” grits

Eggs Benedict “southern style”

The atmosphere at Café strudel is very hip, with art hanging on the walls that you can buy and very cool architecture which includes an original tin ceiling.  The coffee is self serve and you can get fresh squeezed orange juice.



Me and my big sis chillin’ at the Café

After we finished eating, we hung out at my apartment and enjoyed the cooler weather and the view of the river.cafe1cafe3cafe5cafe4

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