We were out and about running some errands today on my day off and decided to stop for lunch.  At first we thought we’d go to Moes for tacos.  The thing I love about Moes is #1 – when you walk in you feel like Norm form Cheers because they yell “Welcome to Moes!” and #2 – they have a salsa bar.  Being we were in the Harbison area I rembered Papa Gios Pizzeria was close by in Irmo so I asked Donna a question that I knew the answer to before the words even left my lips.  Needless to say our lunch venue changed and now we were pizza bound!

This is how you eat a slice!

Being that both Donna and I are originally from Long Island, you might say we are pizza connoisseurs.  Papa Gios in Irmo gets our official stamp of approval for their pizza as well as their garlic knots.

If I closed my eyes and took a bite I would swear I was back in New York.

This pizza is a work of art!  Notice the bubbles in the crust.  Just enough cheese, just enough sauce and thin enough to fold.

Garlic knots with homemade marina sauce for dipping

These garlic knots are the perfect side dish!  The portion is very generous for the cost of just $4.50.  Know that the picture doesn’t depict the true portion size because I always forget to take a picture before we start eating!  The garlic butter sauce that has now pooled beneath the knots is something magical that I could drink all by itself.  Of course Donna would probably not let me back into the house after that, being my breath would be strong enough to kill a vampire.

We must talk about one last thing before I close.  Grease.  Pizza needs to have a certain amount of grease to it.  When I held up this slice of pizza, folded it and tipped it forward, grease dripped from it.  I don’t trust a pizza pie that isn’t greasy.

This is how your plate should look if your pizza was made right.  #1 empty and #2 greasy.

We used to go to a pizza place in Bayport off Montauk Highway called Satelite Pizza.  We’d get 3 slices and a greek salad to split and 2 garlic knots (you could get them either baked or fried).  That pizza was so greasy I’d have to get a stack of paper towels and blot it to absorb some of the grease.  That was the best pizza ever.  They were right around the corner from our apartment.  We have hopes that someone will open a pizza place in one of the empty store fronts on State Street right down the street from our current apartment.

A girl can dream can’t she?

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