Originally we had planned to meet my cousin Jennifer over at D’s Wings on Axtell Drive in Cayce for lunch but when we got there they were closed for the holiday.  Thankfully The Kingsman, which is right next door, was open for business.  It’s hard to believe that in the almost 6 years that we have lived here I have never eaten at The Kingsman restaurant.  Donna has gone there once before but I have never been.  The parking lot is always filled to maximum capacity every time I drive past.  My dad told me that the restaurant has been there for forever but in actuality it has been there for 45 years.

Grilled chicken sandwhich, Kingsman burger and a reuben.

The menu included steaks, chicken, burgers, wings, sandwiches and salads.  Jennifer decided on a burger and fries and Donna chose the grilled chicken sandwhich with bacon & cheese with a salad off the specials board.  I, on the other hand, ordered a reuben on texas toast with a salad.  Usually this sandwhich is made on rye so I wasn’t sure about the texas toast but I was willing to try it.  This is a food blog, isn’t it?

Reuben sandwhich with side salad.

As long as salad is an option on the menu I order it.  I love salad and there is nothing more disappointing to me that getting a crappy salad.  The salad at The Kingsman has passed the test and earned the “Kirby Culinary Crawl” stamp of approval!

The shirt is to pay tribute to USC’s win this past Saturday.  Go Cocks!!!

The pastrami on the sandwhich was very good, sliced nice and thin.  The cheese was melted to perfection and the thousand island dressing, even though a little thin, was very tasty.  I was not a fan of the texas toast.  Although it was delicious, it was not a sturdy enough vehicle to deliver the weight of the pastrami, cheese, kraut and thousand island.  The bread was too soft and got soggy making the sandwhich difficult to eat.  Rye is a much denser bread and better suited for this sandwhich.

Feeling full from lunch we decided to walk it off at Michaels craft store.  This is Donna’s favorite place and the gift card she had gotten from Dad & Yuri for her birthday was burning a hole in her wallet.

Jennifer having fun in the Halloween section 🙂

After we left Michaels we headed over to a new ice cream joint called Brain Feeze over on Knox Abbot Drive.  Unfortunately they were  closed for the holiday.  So over to Krispy Kreme we go.

Introducing “The Krispy Kreme Girls”

Now Jennifer had said that they had ice cream at Krispy Kreme so that’s why went (also to get some cool hats so we could be the envy of all our friends) but when we asked at the counter… shut down again!  “No ice cream for you!”  They stopped carrying ice cream.  We got doughnuts, a coke and coffees to go and we were off.

We had texted our good friend Deanne who works at one of our favorite places, The Old Mill Antique Mall on State Street, to see if she’d like a coffee.  Next stop, Antiques!

Deanne was a good sport for agreeing to wear the Krispy Kreme hat we brought her with the coffee and doughnut.

You just never know what the day is going to bring.  Today was filled with family, delicious food, lots of laughter, good friends and a stroll through an antique mall.  Whose got it better than me?

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