I just started following the USC football team this year and my sister Kelly and step mom Yuri are teaching me all the ins and outs.


Baseball, basketball and hockey I can follow no prob but football is Greek to me.  Throughout the entire game I asked questions and they answered, educating me on touchbacks, downs, incompletes, etc.  I hope that by the big USC vs. Clemson game on the Saturday after Thanksgiving I’ll be able to follow it like a pro!

Dad and Molly relaxing
Kelly multitasking…crocheting while she cheers our Gamecocks on!

Yuri’s diner was open for business tonight for all of our tailgating needs! What was on the menu?  Home made teriyaki & buffalo wings, floppy chips and beer battered onion rings.  OMG!


Thank goodness I wore my sweatpants, along with my Carolina t-shirt & hat of course, because I was stuffed by the time I was done eating.

Beer battered onion rings
Teriyaki wings
Floppy chips

Everything was delicious but those onion rings.  Oh lawdy!  Talk about addictive.  I asked Yuri what made these onion rings so good and she said it was the onion itself.  She uses Vidalia onions.

You know what I hate?  When you bite into an onion ring and the entire onion separates from the breading and you are left with an onion hanging from your mouth.  Yuri’s onion rings don’t do that.  Vidalias, that is the trick.

Well, our team won thanks to my new favorite player, Deebo Samuel with his 97 yard touchdown.  I am very proud to be a member of Gamecock Nation and look forward to cheering our guys on every Saturday.  Go Cocks!



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