Being that I was off today I opted to not make my usual instant oatmeal to start my day.  What do I have in the fridge that can equate to a delicious dish?Potatoes….check.  Onion…check. Eggs….check.  Home fries and fried eggs it is!



Now Donna likes her yolk runny so I need to be careful not to break the yolk when I flip the egg.  I never fancied my eggs cooked that way before but I have come to appreciate a runny yolk.  The best thing about a runny yolk is soaking up that golden liquid with a piece of toast.  Unfortunately bread is not a common staple in our kitchen so “no toast for you”.  (A nod to any of the Seinfeld fans out there)  After that description I really wish I would’ve had some bread!


I really love breakfast.  Some folks don’t bother themselves with it but I feel like it’s crucial to get my day started right.  I usually only have oatmeal with fresh fruit, juice and coffee on a workday.  When I’m off I like to mix it up because I have time to actually cook something.  Whether you do breakfast or not I hope you have a wonderful Saturday on this 2nd day of fall.

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