There is a guy at work, Gordon, who is kind enough to always share the fruits of his garden with Donna and I.  Zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow squash, etc.  In return I have gifted him with various foods that Yuri has canned.  For example:  jalapeño pepper jelly and jalapeño relish.

Muscadine jelly, jalapeño pepper jelly & jalapeño relish

One day we were talking and he asked me if I ever had eaten venison.  I replied no.  Gordon told me he’d bring me some if I wanted to try it.  Being the adventurous food blogger that I am, of course I said sure!

Frozen venison 

I don’t know the first thing about venison or how to cook it so I consulted with my cooking mentor, my step mom. Yuri had worked with venison before and said it was very lean so she didn’t like to make burgers with it.  Chili it is!

Venison/ground beef chili

Yuri mixed the venison with ground beef, so I couldn’t even taste a difference.  It was very delicious!  My sister Kelly wouldn’t even taste it because she said it reminded her of Bambi.  Oh brother….  Yuri and I asked her what was the difference between eating a deer and eating a cow or a pig or a bird?  She wasn’t having it.  After brow beating her for 15 minutes straight she finally tasted a spoonful.  Results?  She couldn’t taste a difference but still refused to eat a bowl full.  That’s okay, more chill for me!

My non adventurous food crawl partner in crime laughing at us trying to convince her to eat venison

To finish off the chili Yuri also made cheesecake bites dipped in chocolate.  Oh my…

These chocolate cheesecake bites are dangerous!

The best thing about when Yuri makes dinner is the fact she makes enough for an army!  And you know what that means?  Leftovers!

Guess who everyone was jealous of at work that day?  Me!

2 thoughts on “Venison….the other “other” dark meat

  1. I have cousins in Texas who used to go deer hunting every year – they loved to cook the venison. I tried it a couple of times and liked it okay. The taste was a little strong for me, and I’m like your sister…I can’t get rid of the Bambi pictures. Crazy, I know.

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