I love salad, especially a good salad bar.  What constitutes a “good” salad bar?  Cleanliness first and foremost.  Freshness second.  Lastly would be a wide variety of toppings.  East Bay Deli gets 5 stars on all three of these catagories.


The reason the salad bar is immaculate is due to the staff constantly cleaning and refreshing it.


I ordered the cup of soup and salad bar combo for dinner.  There were about 6 different choices of soup but I went with the broccoli and cheese.  As  I pulled my spoon from the cup a string of ooey gooey cheddar cheese trailed behind.  Man that is some delicious soup!  I truly didn’t need the soup being the salad bar offered so much.  Artichoke hearts, mini mozzarella balls, baby corn, fresh bacon crumbles, chick peas, cranberries, black olives, hard boiled eggs, ham and fresh shaved parmesan cheese to name a few of the toppings.


Salad bar and cheddar broccoli soup.


Donna ordered the “Terrific Turkey melt” which is composed of melted swiss, avacado spread, diced tomatoes, and Russian dressing on a french loaf.  This sandwich looks like it tastes good beside’s actually being delicious.  It is so true that you eat with your eyes first.  My mouth instantly started to water once the waitress placed the plate on the table.


Terrific Turkey Melt with chips and pickle spear.


A cool thing about East Bay Deli is that you can sign up for a rewards program to get free stuff!  We actually got introduced to East Bay by my cousin Jennifer.  We had gone to the location on main street in downtown Columbia with her and her son Tommy.  Thanks Jennifer!  On our second visit to the location on Sunset Drive in West Columbia is when we signed up.  Today I was delighted to hear the cashier tell us that we had earned either a free drink or a piece of cake, chocolate or carrot.  We chose the carrot cake of course.  1. Because its cake 2. Because carrots are healthier than chocolate.  It was if they combined three pieces of cake and served it as one, that’s how ginormous the slice was!


This carrot cake must weigh approximately 8 lbs.  Seriously!


All in all I absolutely love the East Bay Deli.  From the retro decor to the rewards program.  The fact that it’s open 7 days a week from 7 am – 9 pm makes me love it even more.


It usually takes us at least 20 min to read through the menu there are soooo many choices.


3 thoughts on “Soup and salad on a fall day

  1. Sheila also went to East Bay today at lunch time. She said food was delicious but Fox News was on the tv. 😦 You sure made it sound good though.

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  2. Yes, I was there at lunch yesterday – my friend Dick and I had yummy hot dogs with fries while our friend Fred was equally impressed with their salad bar. He said he would be back! (We all tried to keep our eyes averted away from fox news.)

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