My favorite part of Cracker Barrel is the country store that you walk through before you enter the restaurant.  Namely the candy!  On this last visit I tried a candy bar I’ve never had before, a Zagnut.  It was delicious!  It reminded me of a Butterfinger with a toasted coconut outer coating.  Another candy that they had was a favorite of my moms, Toffifay.  Now the pièce de résistance was the 2 lb reese’s peanut butter cup.


It was about 7:30 pm when we got there but that didn’t stop Donna from getting breakfast.  Poor Donna always has such a problem getting what she wants when it comes to breakfast.  She’s not a big eater so she always asks for one scrambled egg, bacon and toast or one scrambled egg on a roll.  For some reason this is never on the menu, so it totally stumps the waiter or waitress.  Suprisingly this time she got just what she asked for, after alot of explaining of course.


I wanted something a little more substantial so I ordered a french dip with fries and coleslaw.  I am used to this sandwich with melted mozzarella or even provolone but this had melted swiss.  Very tasty.  There were also onions on it, which I could’ve done without.  On a whole, the sandwhich was delish .


Another entertaining, yet frustrating, part of the whole cracker barrel experience is the peg board game.  I have yet to win this game and I have tried several times.  Donna was also defeated.


All in all we always have a good time at Cracker Barrel and this time our waitress Gabi make it extra entertaining.  She had some strong opinions about some of her patrons at Cracker Barrel being extra terrestrials, at least the ones that order dessert after having a big meal.  She just couldn’t understand where any human being could fit dessert!

The charm of Cracker Barrel is that it just feels like home.  From the comfort food to the endless candy selection.  There is a checkers board game set up to play along with the rocking chairs out front for sale, that you can try on for size before you buy them.  We love it here.



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