Friendly’s restaurant was an institution for me growing up.  After concerts, school plays and softball games Friendly’s was the destination to hang out with classmates and eat ice cream.  Being I went to North Babylon Senior High School the location on Deer Park Avenue was our go to.  They closed all the locations near my home on Long Island and there aren’t any in South Carolina where we live now so you could imagine my delight when I saw an ad for Friendly’s in the “things to do” book given to us at our timeshare in PA.

Donna with her sister Suzanne and her niece Alyssa.

On the ride over we taked about what what kind of ice cream we were going to get.  Suzanne didn’t even need to look at the menu as far as food goes, she was getting the “clam boat”.  She loves that clam boat!  The kids got hamburgers, Donna got a turkey melt and I also got the clam boat.


The famous “clam boat”


Now for the ice cream.  Oh, the glorious ice cream.  My favorite is a reese’s pieces sundae with black raspberry, mint chocolate chip and hunka chunka pb fudge ice cream.  I went with the 3 scoop being I can not longer put away the monster 5 scoop sundae.


Is this heaven?  No, it’s Friendly’s.


I barely got it all down but in the end I was victorious!

All gone!


Alyssa actually put down her sundae at one point then picked it up again and finished it like a champ.

Alyssa proud of her accomplishment.

Donna was the first to devour hers!  She got a 2 scoop mint chocolate chip sundae with hot fudge and strawberry topping.


My Donna 🙂


All in all we had a great time.  The food was just as we remembered it, the ice cream was delish but being there with Suzanne and her girls was definitely the best part of lunch.  We couldn’t ask for anything more and are grateful for the memories made today.


Me, Suzanne, Alyssa, Amber & Donna.



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