When I go out to eat I want to be catered to, that is why I am going OUT to eat.  Wether I am going to a fast food joint or a chain restaurant the last thing I want to be doing is placing my order myself on a computer and then ringing up the bill and swiping my credit card myself.  There was a table side digital menu with a credit card swipe at a Chili’s that we went to once.  I hated it.  Then we ran into a similar situation today at a McDonald’s in Milford PA.  The ordering kiosk was confusing to me and I would consider myself pretty computer savvy.  All I thought of was if my dad or Donna’s mom stopped in to that McDonald’s to order lunch.  They both would have left frustrated and hungry.  I’m all for self check out, I use it all the time at the supermarket but not at a restaurant.  In the end I guess I should be leaving myself a partial tip being I am part of the wait staff.


One thought on “Self checkout is okay for a supermarket, not a restaurant

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