On my way home from work I got a phone call from my dad asking how my day went.  I decided to stop by his house for a cup of coffee and on my way I called him to see if they wanted Zesto for dinner.  If you don’t know Zesto then you don’t know fried chicken, but that is for another blog.  Anywho, no need for take out because Yuri’s diner is open!


Home made chicken pot pie with a side of asparagus.  Soooo delish!  Yuri makes her crust from scratch, of course.  It is so very flaky, you can just about peel apart the layers.  I could just eat the crust by itself!

I though I was getting a cup of coffee but instead I was presented with a plate of utter deliciousness.  Yep, I hit the motherload tonight folks.

2 thoughts on “Chicken pot pie….the ultimate comfort food

  1. Gurl, you hit the motherload!!
    I LOVE chicken pot pie and Yuri’s looks delicious!!
    And the idea of someone still making her crust from scratch makes my mouth water…my mom used to make hers from scratch and if she had any left over, she would put cinnamon, sugar and butter on it and bake it until it was golden brown. She called it her cinnamon pie. I always hoped she had crust left over! Give that idea to Yuri and please bring me a piece!!

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