Today is my sister’s birthday and my gift to her was taking her out to lunch. We went to Private Property in Lexington on Main Street. At first sight you wouldn’t recognize it as a restaurant being it’s in an old house and the side is facing Main Street. The only way I could tell it was a business was the neon “open” sign in the front window. Kelly found out it was a restaurant from a friend. The architecture is absolutely charming. From the original hardwood floors, thick mouldings and brick fireplaces throughout, the atmosphere is wonderful.

That’s all well and good you’re probably saying but what about the food!

One of the reasons why I wanted to go there were the “swamp tacos”. What are swamp tacos you ask? They are tacos made with alligator, smoked sausage, grilled shrimp and cajun coleslaw. Yes, I said alligator. We decided to expand our palettes to a experience a new ingredient so we ordered them as an appetizer.

We also ordered the She-Crab soup, which had a great depth of flavor and packed quite a punch as far as heat goes. The waitress informed us that most of the dishes served at Private Property were spicy, this is why we know we need to bring Yuri back with us next time.

Now for the main dishes. Kelly picked the Big Easy Burger, which is topped with creamy Havarti cheese smothered with caramelized onions served with house made fries.

I went for the Palmetto Po’ Boy which is made with fried shrimp, homemade pimento cheese and crispy, peppered bacon served with a house salad. I must say that I was very impressed with the salad. The lettuce was crisp and the tomatoes burst with flavor in my mouth when I bit into them. I sure do love me a good salad!

I highly recommend Private Property. The service was good, the staff friendly and the food was delicious but diner beware, it is spicy.

All in all I think it’s safe to say Kelly enjoyed her birthday lunch. Let the 2018 Crawl begin!!!

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