I don’t do buffets much since I’ve lost weight but I am so glad I went to this one.

What a pleasant suprise to find out that my family was taking me to Jackson’s Southern Kitchen for dinner! I have never been there but every time I pass it there are always people waiting outside to get in.

The first impression after we got inside and stepped up to the hostess station was not too good. Kelly walked up and said hi but didn’t receive a hello back. Then after we told the hostess how many we were she didn’t tell us how long the wait would be and walked away. While we were waiting, the hostess began arguing with a potential patron who had not been seated yet. After those folks got seated the hostess, along with another waitress, rehashed the argument again and again, loud enough for all of us waiting to hear. If I wasn’t with all of my family I would’ve left but we stayed and waited. I am glad we did…

The food was absolutely delicious! I consider myself an amateur fried chicken connoisseur. My favorite by far is the fried chicken at Doc’s BBQ but this was a close second. The skin was crispy but light, and the chicken itself was extremely moist. There were 3 different buffet tables with endless choices. Every single item I ate was fresh, hot and delicious. In entirety I had ribs, pulled pork, mac ‘n cheese, fried okra, collard greens, rice and hash, hush puppies, hoe cakes and sweet potatoes. For dessert I sampled red velvet cake, banana pudding, peach cobbler (I didn’t particularly care for the cobbler) and strawberry cake. Oh brother, I feel sick all over again just writing this because I ate soooo much. That’s what happens when the food is that good, you just keep eating because you want to try EVERYTHING!

I highly recommend Jackson’s Southern Kitchen but they might want to rethink who they have representing the front of the house.

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