While here on the Island of course I needed to sample some comfort foods from my previous home. I ate Chinese food from Long River in West Islip on Saturday and a bacon, egg & cheese with salt, pepper, ketchup on a roll from Summerwind Gourmet Deli on Sunday. Today we went back to Summerwind and got sandwiches.

Mom and Donna placing our order.

Mom and Donna got chicken salad on a hard roll with chips but I went all in and got “The Moose Sandwhich” with coleslaw. What’s “The Moose” you ask, well I’ll tell you. Roast beef, gravy, melted mozzarella, crispy bacon on a toasted garlic hero.

The Moose

I could’ve shared this with Donna being it was so big but I was feeling selfish so I ate it ALL myself, in one sitting to boot! I am paying the price now being I feel like a stuffed pig. Of course we had to get a cup of coffee and a newspaper for mom and I wanted a sweet treat too.

Our local newspaper on Long Island.

There is nothing like a deli on Long Island or NYC. If you’ve never eaten the food from one you just don’t know. You were right Liz, I don’t know how I forgot.

Endless choices of salads and sides in the case.
Boars Head cold cuts ready to be sliced fresh.

3 thoughts on “You’re right Liz, East Bay is no deli… ;)

    1. Even though I was over the moon to see them both it was a tease, being I had to pretty much turn around to go home :(. I can’t wait to have my Donna June back home with us in the south land.

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