As I sit in my recliner watching the Nancy Silverton episode of “Chef’s Table” on Netflix my stomach begins to growl. Why do I torture myself watching these food shows when I know that there is not a damn thing to eat in my house and I always get hungry when I watch them? I can’t answer that question for you…

So I texted my friend Jennifer to see if she would be my date and accompany me to dinner. When she asked me what I was in the mood for I replied “steak”. We don’t eat much steak at our house being Donna isn’t particularly crazy about red meat. Maybe a hamburger every once in a while but no steak. Me, I like me a big ole ribeye. Yes ma’am! And that is what I was in the mood for. As I asked Google what steakhouses were located in the Harbison area Texas Roadhouse came up. I have never been there so off we went.

Texas state flag atop the restaurant.

Jennifer did the “call ahead seating” thing but even with that there was a 40 min wait. Go figure. I guess it is Saturday night in Harbison after all. Well, it was worth the wait. For starters I got us an order of fried pickles. Jennifer said she didn’t want any but I still got them. I ran a 5k today damn it so I’m gonna eat whatever I want and as much I want.

Fried pickles. Yum!

Then of course I got a salad. I always get a salad if it is an option on the menu. It was very good with lots of toppings. I especially like the croutons. They almost melted in your mouth, not hard at all.

House salad with thousand island dressing.

Now for the main course. Jennifer ordered bbq chicken with a baked potato and applesauce. She enjoyed it very much.

Bbq chicken, baked potato and applesauce.

I went all out. I ordered a 10 oz. Ribeye with grilled shrimp and a loaded baked potato. I tried a little of the house steak sauce, which was delicious, but the steak was seasoned so well it didn’t even need it. It cut like butter and was cooked perfectly. The potato put me right over the edge because it was so good that I couldn’t stop eating even though I felt as if the button was going to pop off of my pants. Oh yeah, I wore sweatpants so that very incident wouldn’t occur.

Ribeye, loaded baked potato, grilled shrimp and garlic roll.

The whole night was wonderful. There is nothing like being in the mood for something and then actually scratching that itch with that exact food you were craving. Thanks for helping me with my itch Jennifer. Life is good.

Me and my dear friend Jennifer.

2 thoughts on “In the mood for a steak…

  1. We love a good steak, too so let us know the next time you want to venture out!
    We like Texas Road House, but our favorite steak place lately is Longhorn’s in the Vista. Let us know when you’re in the mood again!

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