So today is day 3 on the keto diet for me and I feel great! Well…except for my stomach growling from time to time but as my sister once said “Nothing tastes better than being healthy feels”. I subbed in healthy for thin because I by no means want to be “thin” or “skinny” and just want to be comfortable in my own skin. Now on to today’s meals…

For breakfast I made a strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and coconut smoothie but I forgot to take a picture of it. Hey, cut me some slack being I haven’t blogged in over a year! I subconsciously probably didn’t take a picture due to the mess I made with my Ninja Bullet. Regardless it was delicious and quite satisfying.

A trick is to serve your meal on a salad plate so it appears as if you have a larger portion

For lunch I had tuna mixed with mayo, salt and pepper atop a bed of fresh spinach, sharp cheddar cheese, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with a side of sliced avocados. I drizzled it all with some sugar free Skinnygirl balsamic vinaigrette. Very filling but didn’t feel blown out and weighed down like after going to Wendy’s for a 4 for 4.

They say you eat with your eyes before the food ever touches the lips…

For dinner I finally got to break in my new bbq I just bought recently! I grilled bone in pork chops seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and Butt Rub. What is Butt Rub you ask? The most delicious spice that is good for just about anything! It as was introduced to me by my good friend Cam, being she always uses it to season her steaks.  Thanks Cam!

Fun fact…the cactus toothpick holder was my mom’s ❤

I also grilled some zucchini seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. As another side I tossed together fresh spinach, avocados and tomatoes for a salad. Nothing beats food cooked on the grill in my book.

Only 5 ingredients in this recipe!
This is the consistency you should have when all is said and done.
Macgyver ramikans 😁

Of course now I needed something for dessert, right? Once again I hit up pinterest in search of a keto approved sweet treat to end the day and this is what I found. The keto equivalent to a frosty! I need to invest in some small glasses for all the new things I am making but I put on my thinking cap and was able to macgyver these solo cups to fill my need. And you know what? These little cups of heaven actually satisfied my sweet tooth!

I am really enjoying this keto journey so far. I feel great about myself, physically feel better and am excited about cooking new dishes. I love to cook and this diet has reinvigorated my desire to do so. Life is good…

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