Well I certainly didn’t know that there are 35 net grams of carbs in one ear of corn!  I’ll take a half of ear from now on.

So I neglected to post my delicacies from yesterday so here they are…

Tuna with bacon and sliced tomato for lunch.  And water of course!
And for dinner it was the first time at Waffle House that I didn’t order a waffle!

Sooner or later I imagine bacon grease is going to start emitting from my pores but that doesn’t phase me one bit.  I love the smell of bacon almost as much as I love the smell of coffee.  Maybe I’ll patent a new cologne.  Let’s see, what should I call it?  I’ll have to think on that.  Back to the food!

After work I stopped at the Walmart to get three things…hairspray, makeup & shout stain remover.  Well $100 later I have a refrigerator full of awesome ingredients to prepare my keto healthy meals.  And yes, I actually remembered to get the three items I set out to the store to get!

Oh rib eye…how I love you so
So happy to have a grill again!

I went all out and bought a two pack of rib eyes.  Threw one on the grill, but not before I seasoned that bad boy with some Butt Rub and olive oil and the other went in the fridge.  All for me!

But before that beautiful piece of meat went on the grill I prepared some sides to go with it.  First was Baked Zucchini Fries, which is a recipe I found on pinterest compliments of Downshiftology by Lisa Bryan.  I encourage you all to check out her site!  If you are wondering why there isn’t a photo of the finished product, that is because I didn’t fully follow the instructions.  I used aluminum foil because I didn’t have parchment and that was a big mistake.  Those zucchini stuck to the foil and I almost couldn’t pry them off!  A few “F” bombs later I shrugged my shoulders, wrote parchment paper on my ongoing shopping list on my fridge and carried on.

The ingredients in the left photo are for the lemon aioli dipping sauce.  Oh my…when I ran out of zucchini fries I started dipping my steak and anything else I could find in it being I was that good!

Unfortunately the tomato isn’t from my little patio plant but the cukes are from Gary and Carla’s garden

I sliced the cucumbers, diced up the tomato and drizzled them all with balsamic vinegar then added salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste.  Threw those in the fridge with the dipping sauce and forged on.


There’s the culprit for those sneaky net carbs!  Corn.  I must say one thing that has been extremely beneficial to me by embarking of my keto journey, it is giving me an amazing education on the nutritional value of the foods I eat.

Better than anything I could’ve paid for at a restaurant!

So there it is folks, the end result of my kitchen being blown up.  Don’t you just wish you could take a bite of the steak?  Or dip one of those scrumptious zucchini fries in the lemon aioli sauce?  It took alot of work but I had a blast cooking it.  And knowing that I made it from scratch, with all fresh ingredients, made having to clean that tore up kitchen all worth while.  Healthy eating everyone…you’ve only got this one body, treat it good.😉

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