Being eating on keto is very different than the way I used to eat  I had to make some changes to the inventory in my cabinet and refrigerator.  Hence the purge.

My bags of carbs going bye bye

Most of the food in my apartment was processed, prepackaged and high carb/sugar stuff so it had to go.  The only thing I left in the fridge that I won’t be eating was a bottle of ketchup just is case company wanted some for a burger but everything else went.  I loaded up the bags, there were actually more than the two in the above picture, and brought them to my dad’s.  Just because I don’t eat it doesn’t mean it has to go to waste.

Look ma…no bun!

For lunch I decided on two hotdogs, sans the bun of course, with a pickle and a salad of spring mix, tomato, a garden fresh cucumber and an avocado drizzled with Skinnygirl sugar free balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper.

Burgers work without the bun too

My sister had invited me over to grill out and asked me to stop at the grocery store to pick up burgers.  While walking the aisles I tried think of something for a side.  Normally I’d pick up a container of potato salad, some potato chips or a bag of frozen french fries.  What’s a newbie at keto supposed to do?  I headed right to the produce section and grabbed some asparagus, zucchini and tomatoes but avoided the corn due to it’s high carb content…lesson learned from yesterday.  Kelly had some provolone at the house already so I was set!

My new best friend

On a couple of keto recipes I noticed almond flour as an ingredient so I picked some up.  Looking forward to using it to create some crispy good eats.

Tomorrow’s lunch

My keto mentor Jennifer told me how important meal prep is when on keto and I have struggled with this aspect alot.  So I am breaking the cycle and beginning tonight with planning tomorrow’s lunch today.  I referred to one of my keto food lists, rummaged through my fridge and began to plan.  I hard boiled 4 eggs, 2 for tomorrow, for my protein.  Then I cut up some red onion, cukes and tomatoes and threw them in a Tupperware with some kalamata and manzanilla olives and drizzled them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper.  I left an avocado by my coffee pot so I don’t forget to put it in my lunch bag so I can add it to my tomato & cuke concoction.  I am very determined with my change of diet and it has improved my outlook on how I see myself and has cemented the goals I’d like to accomplish.  Just call me Keto Kirby from now on!  If it works work it…so I will😊

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