I know that for me to loose weight and tone up diet alone won’t do it. I know this from past experience. Exercise is a must. So today I got myself reacquainted with my nemesis…the damn dam. You see I used to run the Dreher Shoals Dam a time ago prior to my surgery and now I have committed to walk the dam everyday after work. Notice I said walk. Baby steps folks…baby steps. To go over and back is 3.3 miles, which is a smidge more than a 5k. So you heard it here first people, I am committing to cross that dam everyday by foot.

Eventually I’ll get back to the point of running again but just for today I am okay with just walking. Now for what was on today’s menu.

Spinach and parmesan omelet with of course a side of bacon, along with an uncured beef hotdog.


Being I got out of work early today I didn’t have to rush through making lunch.  I did take my hard boiled egg along with my cuke, tomato, avacado and red onion to work with me but being I left early I decided to cook instead.

I don’t know if I’ll ever cook inside again!

I decided to grab the 2nd rib eye out of the fridge along with a zucchini and on the grill they went.  Only seasoning them with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and of course Butt Rub for the steak.  For another side I tossed together cucumbers, tomato, avacado, a hard boiled egg and drizzled with Skinnygirl balsamic vinaigrette.

Keto doesn’t look so bad now does it?

I still have to work on getting the whole breakfast thing down pat but I’ll get there.  This diet has been alot easier than I imagined.  I suppose when you are ready anything is easier.  Willingness is always the key…

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