Everytime I stroll the produce aisle I always get my steady Eddie items….zucchini, yellow squash, spring mix, spinach and tomatoes. Well upon my last visit to Walmart I picked up an artichoke and two heads of cauliflower. Jennifer had sent me a pic of some cauliflower with cheese and it piqued my interest. And then I remembered eating smashed cauliflower a couple of times and I really enjoyed it as a mashed potato substitute. So I found the most delicious recipe on pinterest provided by kalynskitchen.com for baked cauliflower and decided to give it a try tonight. I highly recommend you checking out her site for delicious healthy recipes. I know this won’t be the first I try from her site!

I love dishes with only a few ingredients and this one qualified for sure. Cauliflower, butter, fresh cracked pepper, fresh grated parmesan, fresh grated sharp cheddar and third of your choice, as long it melted well, to top it off.

Finished product

I am over the moon for this dish! It’s like a healthy mac n cheese! And being that it’s just me, I have premade keto meals for lunch for a couple of days. Thank you for sharing this deliciousness with the world Kalyn Denny, we are all the better for it.

I accompanied my cheesy cauliflower with two grilled chicken thighs seasoned with my favorite rub. If you’ve been following this blog you know what that is, if not…you need to get busy catching up here.

Now living a keto lifestyle is not the only thing I’m doing to get healthy. I have been walking the Lake Murray Dam every night for the past four days. It is 3.3 miles over and back. Last time I went I actually ran some of it and I’m working up to running the entire thing but baby steps.

I always hope that someone I know will be driving by, see me and honk!
“Love locks” on the Lexinton side of the dam
Five Francis turbines

Now today I took a break from the dam and set out on a new adventure with my friend Jen. You see I went kayaking for the very first time a couple of weeks ago with Jen, being her sister was kind enough to let me use her kayak and today we were going again. The first time Jen took me out on Lake Murray where the water is still except for a wake or two created by a passing pontoon boat or jet ski. This time, being she gave me an A+ for my first time out, we went launched into the Saluda River. Yeah baby, this is going to be good!

Our vessels getting ready to set off into the morning mist. Mine is on the right, equipped with my trusty fishing pole gifted to me by my friend Brett.
Packed a keto friendly snack for our trip
Captain Kirby navigating her vessel into the unknown

We were out on the river for 4 1/2 hours! What an upper body workout! Instead of launching at the top of the river and going with the current back down Jen suggested we paddle upstream and then relax, get in some fishing and enjoy the ride back down. Well, I thought at several times my arms were going to give out. At one point we decided to get out and pull the kayaks along the shore because the current was just that strong. Eventually we passed the rapids and got to a calm part of the river to where I could fish and we could just really enjoy the beauty.

A family of turtles basking in the sun

At one point we both got startled by a screech, which turned out to be a blue heron launching from the brush. We decided maybe we were near her nest so we continued on. Jen even saw a snake, which I do not have a picture of for obvious reasons.

Ahhhh… to be young and foolish

Well I didn’t end up catching any fish but what I did end up taking home was a wonderful memory of an awesome day spent on the river with a great friend. Here’s to living life to its fullest and making memories along the way.

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