Mustard base or tomato base? That is the question…

Tonight I went to Murray’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar in Cayce for the first time with Kelly and a bunch of her friends, now also my friends ūüôā .¬† This is odd that I have never been there being that I lived right around the corner from them for about 3 1/2 years.¬† I didn’t know what to expect but what I got was good food for a reasonable price with a laid back atmosphere.¬† I was also thrilled that the waitress refilled my water several times without me having to ask and she brought plenty of napkins to the table.¬† I don’t know what it is, but it pisses me off to no end if the waitress/waiter doesn’t refill my water.¬† I drink a lot of water and that’s all I drink when I go out to eat.¬† And if my glass never gets refilled that tip is going to suffer.¬† I guess I am just weird like that.¬† Regardless, our waitress was on top of the water situation all night.

Kelly ordered the¬†“Murray‚Äôs Signature Sub” which¬†consisted of¬†steak, saut√©ed onions, melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, oil & vinegar, parmesan cheese and Murray’s special sauce.


Murray’s Signature Sub with a baked potato


I was torn between the French dip and the North Carolina BBQ platter.¬† Eeenie, meenie, miney, mo…..¬†¬†I¬†chose BBQ.¬† Now I like a mustard base sauce myself.¬† Tomato base is a little too sweet for my liking.¬† I actually once made some pulled pork at home in a crock pot.¬† Yes, this Yankee transplant whipped up some BBQ herself and let me tell you something, it was good.¬† I didn’t know the first thing about making BBQ.¬† Yuri told me that I needed a pork butt to make it.¬†¬†I put that butt in the crock pot and cooked it all day long (I don’t remember exactly how long, I just followed the recipe).¬† With the use of 2 forks, I shredded that boston butt into oblivion and then¬†added Bi Lo store brand mustard base BBQ sauce to the mix.¬† Voila!¬† BBQ!¬† Now, back to Murray’s and my sandwich.


North Carolina BBQ platter with grilled vegetables

The grilled vegetables that I chose as a side were delicious.¬† The char on them brought out such flavor in the zucchini, squash and broccoli.¬† The garden salad I substituted my coleslaw for was¬†filled with yummy extras like a hardboiled egg and the thousand island dressing was definitely house made.¬† Now as¬†for the pulled pork sandwich,¬† I though¬†that was a little bland.¬† Even after I added the BBQ sauce to it, which was served on the side I didn’t find myself devouring it.¬† Actually, I got so full eating the amazing beer battered onion rings that we had as an appetizer I didn’t have enough room to finish my dinner.¬† I would definitely go back but I am going to¬†try the French dip instead.


Garlic cheese bread with a side of pot roast please…

So let me tell you about my day.¬† As I walked into work today, I was met by my assistant manager who handed me an egg &¬†sausage¬†McMuffin, out of appreciate for all of my hard work.¬† How can you not have a good day when it starts out like that.¬†Right?¬† Then while I was working at my desk, one of my co-workers Gordon (the guy that gave me the venison¬†that was featured in¬†a previous blog) drops me off a doughnut.¬†¬†What the heck is going on?¬†¬†It’s like¬†I am wearing a sign that says “Feed Me”.¬†¬†Then while I am sitting at Jiffy Lube¬†waiting for my car¬†after work my dad calls.¬†¬†He asks me¬†if I want to come over for diner, being that Yuri made¬†pot roast and scratch made cheesy garlic bread.¬† Can Barbra Streisand sing?¬† Heck yeah I’ll come over!¬† I though to myself that I should go buy a¬†lottery ticket because how lucky can a girl get.¬† Needless to say I didn’t go buy a ticket for the¬†mega millions but I did accept that invite for dinner!

Home made pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions & celery

The pot roast was so tender you could cut it with a fork.¬† Yuri made it in the crock pot.¬† I’m not sure for how long or if it was on high or low, but it was delish.¬† Now, for the star of the show….the bread.

Scratch made cheesy garlic bread.  OMG!!!

Have you ever had the cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster?¬† This tastes like those but A MILLION times better!¬† The bread itself is very light, it isn’t incredibly dense.¬† The garlic permeates every inch of the bread but is not too overpowering, it’s just right.¬† And the cheese.¬† The glorious cheese.¬† It is¬†melted throughout the loaf and on the bottom where it is slightly burnt but not charred is where the best flavor is.¬† While I was eating I used the bread to soak up the juice from the pot roast and¬†it made it taste that much better.¬† I think I just made myself hungry all over again.¬† Yuri, I have to give you props.¬† You are an amazing cook and I appreciate every meal that you serve.¬† Most¬†of the time after Yuri makes something she always says “This could have been better” or “The crust should have been firmer” or “This turned out to watery”.¬† Yuri,¬†just¬†stop it.¬†¬†You are awesome.¬† Everything you cook is delicious.¬† The proof¬†of that¬†is that me, Kelly and dad are not skinny.¬† We eat all that you make because it tastes very good.¬† Thank you for feeding us, we love you for it.


Here’s the bread recipe if you would like to give it a whirl


You can see how the cheese is strewn throughout and the bubbles from the butter and garlic surfacing.  Also you can see the airiness of the bread.
This is the delicious surprise at the bottom of the bread!


Chicken pot pie….the ultimate comfort food

On my way home from work I got a phone call from my dad asking how my day went.¬† I decided to stop by his house for a cup of coffee and on my way I called him to see if they wanted Zesto for dinner.¬† If you don’t know Zesto then you don’t know fried chicken, but that is for another blog.¬† Anywho, no need for take out because Yuri’s diner is open!


Home made chicken pot pie with a side of asparagus.  Soooo delish!  Yuri makes her crust from scratch, of course.  It is so very flaky, you can just about peel apart the layers.  I could just eat the crust by itself!

I though I was getting a cup of coffee but instead I was presented with a plate of utter deliciousness.  Yep, I hit the motherload tonight folks.

Vincent Andreolli

On October 15th 2017 at 5:16 a.m. Donna’s step father Vinnie passed away.¬† I was in Vinnie’s life for the past 9 years.¬† He called me “Ginny” instead of Jenn, which was kind of cute.¬† That sounds strange because cute isn’t the word that would come to mind when you think of Vinnie.¬† He’d make me laugh when he’d use the word “buck” in place of another word that sounds exactly the same.¬† For example:¬† “What the buck is wrong with the t.v.”¬† Get it?¬† That’s Vinnie.¬† Everytime we’d come to visit from S.C. he’d go get us buttered rolls and coffee from the deli for breakfast.¬† He loved his dog Sadie and John Wayne movies.¬† He was not always the easiest person to get along with but he was ours and we loved him.¬† Rest easy Vin, you will be missed…xo

Cooking without carbs…

Tonight I decided to make myself a healthy meal of ham steak, a cauliflower risotto medley with asparagus and a spring mix salad.  20171023_190152

My sister introduced me to riced cauliflower this past weekend when she made me the most delicious flat iron steak for dinner (I am kicking my self that I didn’t take a picture of that!).  She added brown sugar and butter to the riced cauliflower but I just ate mine with salt and pepper.  I love the fact that this has very little carbs and sugars and is only 20 calories per serving.  If you ate the whole bag that’s only 80 calories!


Who needs rice?  This is an absolutely delicious alternative.  I have also made smashed cauliflower in leui of mashed potatoes when I was looking to watcheck my carb intake.  After adding a little butter, salt and pepper you can hardly tell the difference if you prepare them right!

Lake Wallenpaupack

Yesterday before going going to Alyssa’s tennis match we had some time to kill, so Donna wanted to check out the lake.¬† With the fall foliage upon Pennsylvania in full force it looks like a Bob Ross painting has come to life.

20171010_143937Lake Wallenpaupack is man-made and was built in 1927 for hydroelectric power, similar to our Lake Murray in South Carolina.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  We plan to come back in the summer when the kids are on break so we can take advantage of the boat tours.




Self checkout is okay for a supermarket, not a restaurant

When I go out to eat I want to be catered to, that is why I am going OUT to eat.  Wether I am going to a fast food joint or a chain restaurant the last thing I want to be doing is placing my order myself on a computer and then ringing up the bill and swiping my credit card myself.  There was a table side digital menu with a credit card swipe at a Chili’s that we went to once.  I hated it.  Then we ran into a similar situation today at a McDonald’s in Milford PA.  The ordering kiosk was confusing to me and I would consider myself pretty computer savvy.  All I thought of was if my dad or Donna’s mom stopped in to that McDonald’s to order lunch.  They both would have left frustrated and hungry.  I’m all for self check out, I use it all the time at the supermarket but not at a restaurant.  In the end I guess I should be leaving myself a partial tip being I am part of the wait staff.


There’s no ailment that a clam boat and sundae can’t cure

Friendly’s restaurant was an institution for me growing up.¬† After concerts, school plays and softball games Friendly’s was the destination to hang out with classmates and eat ice cream.¬† Being I went to North Babylon Senior High School the location on Deer Park Avenue was our go to.¬† They closed all the locations near my home on Long Island and there aren’t any in South Carolina where we live now so you could imagine my delight when I saw an ad for Friendly’s in the “things to do” book given to us at our timeshare in PA.

Donna with her sister Suzanne and her niece Alyssa.

On the ride over we taked about what what kind of ice cream we were going to get.¬† Suzanne didn’t even need to look at the menu as far as food goes, she was getting the “clam boat”.¬† She loves that clam boat!¬† The kids got hamburgers, Donna got a turkey melt and I also got the clam boat.


The famous “clam boat”


Now for the ice cream.¬† Oh, the glorious ice cream.¬† My favorite is a reese’s pieces sundae with black raspberry, mint chocolate chip and hunka chunka pb fudge ice cream.¬† I went with the 3 scoop being I can not longer put away the monster 5 scoop sundae.


Is this heaven?¬† No, it’s Friendly’s.


I barely got it all down but in the end I was victorious!

All gone!


Alyssa actually put down her sundae at one point then picked it up again and finished it like a champ.

Alyssa proud of her accomplishment.

Donna was the first to devour hers!  She got a 2 scoop mint chocolate chip sundae with hot fudge and strawberry topping.


My Donna ūüôā


All in all we had a great time.¬† The food was just as we remembered it, the ice cream was delish but being there with Suzanne and her girls was definitely the best part of lunch.¬† We couldn’t ask for anything more and are grateful for the memories made today.


Me, Suzanne, Alyssa, Amber & Donna.



French dip on a Friday night…

My favorite part of Cracker Barrel is the country store that you walk through before you enter the restaurant.¬† Namely the candy!¬† On this last visit I tried a candy bar I’ve never had before, a Zagnut.¬† It was delicious!¬† It reminded me of a Butterfinger with a toasted coconut outer coating.¬† Another candy that they had was a favorite of my moms, Toffifay.¬† Now the¬†pi√®ce de r√©sistance was the 2 lb reese’s peanut butter cup.


It was about 7:30 pm when we got there but that didn’t stop Donna from getting breakfast.¬† Poor Donna always has such a problem getting what she wants when it comes to breakfast.¬† She’s not a big eater so she always asks for one scrambled egg, bacon and toast or one scrambled egg on a roll.¬† For some reason this is never on the menu, so it totally stumps the waiter or waitress.¬† Suprisingly this time she got just what she asked for, after alot of explaining of course.


I wanted something a little more substantial so I ordered a french dip with fries and coleslaw.¬† I am used to this sandwich with melted mozzarella or even provolone but this had melted swiss.¬† Very tasty.¬† There were also onions on it, which I could’ve done without.¬† On a whole, the sandwhich was delish .


Another entertaining, yet frustrating, part of the whole cracker barrel experience is the peg board game.  I have yet to win this game and I have tried several times.  Donna was also defeated.


All in all we always have a good time at Cracker Barrel and this time our waitress Gabi make it extra entertaining.¬† She had some strong opinions about some of her patrons at Cracker Barrel being extra terrestrials, at least the ones that order dessert after having a big meal.¬† She just couldn’t understand where any human being could fit dessert!

The charm of Cracker Barrel is that it just feels like home.  From the comfort food to the endless candy selection.  There is a checkers board game set up to play along with the rocking chairs out front for sale, that you can try on for size before you buy them.  We love it here.



Soup and salad on a fall day

I love salad, especially a good salad bar.¬† What constitutes a “good” salad bar?¬† Cleanliness first and foremost.¬† Freshness second.¬† Lastly would be a wide variety of toppings.¬† East Bay Deli gets 5 stars on all three of these catagories.


The reason the salad bar is immaculate is due to the staff constantly cleaning and refreshing it.


I ordered the cup of soup and salad bar combo for dinner.¬† There were about 6 different choices of soup but I went with the broccoli and cheese.¬† As¬† I pulled my spoon from the cup a string of ooey gooey cheddar cheese trailed behind.¬† Man that is some delicious soup!¬† I truly didn’t need the soup being the salad bar offered so much.¬† Artichoke hearts, mini mozzarella balls, baby corn, fresh bacon crumbles, chick peas, cranberries, black olives, hard boiled eggs, ham and fresh shaved parmesan cheese to name a few of the toppings.


Salad bar and cheddar broccoli soup.


Donna ordered the “Terrific Turkey melt” which is composed of melted swiss, avacado spread, diced tomatoes, and Russian dressing on a french loaf.¬† This sandwich looks like it tastes good beside’s actually being delicious.¬† It is so true that you eat with your eyes first.¬† My mouth instantly started to water once the waitress placed the plate on the table.


Terrific Turkey Melt with chips and pickle spear.


A cool thing about East Bay Deli is that you can sign up for a rewards program to get free stuff!¬† We actually got introduced to East Bay by my cousin Jennifer.¬† We had gone to the location on main street in downtown Columbia with her and her son Tommy.¬† Thanks Jennifer!¬† On our second visit to the location on Sunset Drive in West Columbia is when we signed up.¬† Today I was delighted to hear the cashier tell us that we had earned either a free drink or a piece of cake, chocolate or carrot.¬† We chose the carrot cake of course.¬† 1. Because its cake 2. Because carrots are healthier than chocolate.¬† It was if they combined three pieces of cake and served it as one, that’s how ginormous the slice was!


This carrot cake must weigh approximately 8 lbs.  Seriously!


All in all I absolutely love the East Bay Deli.¬† From the retro decor to the rewards program.¬† The fact that it’s open 7 days a week from 7 am – 9 pm makes me love it even more.


It usually takes us at least 20 min to read through the menu there are soooo many choices.