Tonight I decided to make myself a healthy meal of ham steak, a cauliflower risotto medley with asparagus and a spring mix salad.  20171023_190152

My sister introduced me to riced cauliflower this past weekend when she made me the most delicious flat iron steak for dinner (I am kicking my self that I didn’t take a picture of that!).  She added brown sugar and butter to the riced cauliflower but I just ate mine with salt and pepper.  I love the fact that this has very little carbs and sugars and is only 20 calories per serving.  If you ate the whole bag that’s only 80 calories!


Who needs rice?  This is an absolutely delicious alternative.  I have also made smashed cauliflower in leui of mashed potatoes when I was looking to watcheck my carb intake.  After adding a little butter, salt and pepper you can hardly tell the difference if you prepare them right!

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