So being that Kelly and I are doing this food crawl thing I’ve decided that Donna and I are going to do one too.  But this one is going to revolve around pizza!  Sounds wonderful right?  We started yesterday with Papa Gios in Irmo.  There are actually 2 different locations for Papa Gios and the other one is in Lexington.  I personally prefer the pizza at the Lexington spot due to the fact they make their pies using more cheese and more sauce.  Irmo offers a thinner crust, which Donna likes better but I’m a thick crust type of gal.  Anyway, we order 2 slices, 1 plain & 1 with pepperoni, a house salad and an order of garlic knots.  The house made vinaigrette was delicious and the garlic knots were to do die for although the marinara sauce served with for dipping was on the thin side.  As for the pizza, it was real good but as I said earlier I prefer a thicker crust and it could’ve used some more sauce and cheese.  Maybe the chef just had an off day, who knows but regardless, they do make a decent pizza at Papa Gios in Irmo.  To my understanding the owners hail from Queens, N.Y. so they are no strangers to pizza.

Today Kelly and I decided to do a “food sample” crawl while shopping at Costco.  We tasted the some really good ice cream but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it (once my sister answers my text I will be sure it include it in my next post).  The 4 flavors we sampled were Madagascar vanilla, caramel, strawberry and chocolate.  It was so good Kelly bought a promotional 3 pack!  We also had some prosciutto and a piece of Dulce de Leche cheesecake (not at the same time of course).  Kelly snuck in a Dixie cup full of salad with “The Olive Garden” italian dressing on it while I was hunting for a bag of pistachios for Donna.  She did give me a bite of the salad which found me asking “where is my bowl of never-ending bread sticks?” and I ended up finding a bag of pistachios that was almost as big as Donna!  There was no time to pick up our traditional meal of a hotdog and a soda for $1.50 being we were in a hurry so we settled for smoothies and frozen coffees.  Even though it wouldn’t be considered a normal stop on a food crawl we did enlighten our taste buds to somethings we hadn’t eaten before.  So that, my friends, would make it worthy of a notation here on Kirby’s Culinary Crawl.  One last thing…  I have to give a huge shout out to my friend Dawn Richardson who made us the most delicious turkey burger sliders and homemade French fries the other night.  Each slider consisted of 3 mini turkey pattys, made real thin with a layer of cheese in between each patty and then put it on a ciabatta roll.  Just heavenly I tell you. On that note, have a wonderful weekend everybody.  Eat well, laugh as loud as possible and be kind to every one you meet.  🙂

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